PITCH - Graphic Novel Anthology


A comic anthology featuring the concepts of 5 budding comic writers compiled by myself. Five 12 page comics based on the script/concept of five aspiring comic writers were created by Irrational Comics. These prototype comics or “protocomics” serve as prologues or the first pages of a larger story that the writers intend to tell.

The protocomics are made available for readers to read for free online and vote for their favorite concept. Through this proving process, PITCH aims to help mitigate the risks up-and-coming comic writers have to bear by taking care of the comic production and providing an avenue to gauge market response from the online voting process, before the writers ever pour any significant money and time into producing their comic project.

Phu Vuong
Louis Png
Dan Amariles
Michael Norwitz
Andre Mateus

Read the anthology for free via the url below.